Terry Anders

Director Anders & Anders Foundation #2860516

Employment Recruiter

Terry Anders is a former union local #377 Iron Worker of 30 years.  In 2005,  Anders and Anders Foundation (501C3) was established to  recruit at risk populations,  to break the cycle of recidivism through job opportunities in union construction jobs.  Mr. Anders has an excellent success rate for recruiting the “hardest to serve” population into apprenticeship programs.  His ability to connect to the community, and bring a strong work ethic and training emphasis has led to numerous successful city-private partnerships  such as San Francisco Mayors Office of Workforce Development City Academy in job training, recruiting, and retention.  In addition, Mr. Anders brings his union know how to bear to help manage Union requirements, community interests, and build better communications between all partners to ensure more seamless services.  His ability to work with ex-offenders and drug rehabilitation centers helps support this “special population” get where they are trying to go with barrier removal, such as driver license, getting union dues paid, and work attire for job readiness.

Mindy Kener

Project Manager

Senior Job Developer

Mindy Kener brings with her a wealth of staffing experience.  Her multifaceted career embraces job search and staffing in such sectors as non-profit and for profit corporations, bio-tech industry, high tech, graphics and printing industries.   She has applied her expertise to temporary, contract and permanent employment.  Mindy serves as a Senior Job Developer with Anders and Anders Foundation, and San Francisco Mayors Office of Workforce Development City Academy.  Her current emphasis is on green building, training and jobs.  The available resources for barrier removal and job readiness help her clients gain the skills, clarity and confidence to succeed and advance in the workplace.